Saturday, September 13, 2008

November 8th NZ election

I'm looking forward to voting on November 8th. It will be for the Greens.

I can't vote for Labour, for reasons given below.

I can't vote for National because they want to take away from hundreds of thousands of Kiwis the vote that actually counts. The vote that MMP gave them and that they never had under First Past the Post, no matter who they voted for.

I can't vote for NZ First because it's lead by Winston Peters, whom I've respected as a survivor, but never felt he spoke for me.

I can't vote for ACT because to me, they represent all that is selfish and retrograde in human behaviour.

I can't vote for United Future because they lack the wider vision it takes to chart the course for a nation.

I can't vote for the Maori Party, though I have a lot of respect for them, because the Green Party promote the same things and much more besides. There is much in Maori culture that we would do well to learn from, and the Green Party has taken that lesson on board. As Derek Fox said on Radio NZ tonight, the top 10 NZ companies of 20 years ago no longer even exist, while the top 10 Maori companies of 20 years ago are still there and still generating wealth and overseeing resources.  Sustainability is the underlying theme for both parties in many ways.

I can't vote for Jim Anderton's Progressives because, though Jim is worthy in many ways, he is a failed leader in much the same way Winston Peters is a failed leader. They alienate others by not sharing the vision.

The Green Party best encompasses my own values, particularly their strong commitent to democracy, internally and externally and their pragmatic approach to  problems of all kinds. Despite the propaganda from some quarters to the contrary, Greens are essentially unbound by any ideology other than working to ensure we build a sustainable world system for all who come after us. Greens understand we are, together, stronger and more whole than we are separately. That community can exist alongside individuality and that joint stewardship is just as important as individual property. 

No other party makes the planet we all share and rely entirely the centre of their view of the world. To NOT behave this way is madness in the long run. No other party seems to grasp how long the long run really is.  Labour comes close at times, but has opted to compromise in the short to medium term, rather than face the debate that we all need to have about where New Zealand is headed. The consequences of that failure to make and win the arguments is all around us.  

It doesn't help genine debate that the daily newpapers in New Zealand, with their monopolies in each major town and city, are almost exclusively owned by foreign interests who do not share Kiwi values. There is much "dog whistling" and misdirection (Tony Veitch, Winston Peters, Millie Elder...and on and on....) and the big issues get short shrift.  

I'll be looking for 10% or more for the Greens. 


  1. If Labour sinks to 20%, then 10% for the Greens is very likely, so I'm with you.


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