Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin: She's a light weight

The idea that Sarah Palin could one day soon be a heartbeat away from being President of the United States is a sobering thought. The US Republican Party Vice-presidential candidate is way out of her depth. That she was chosen at all indicates to me that more credible people were not willing to go down in a hail of electoral bullets with John McCain in the November election.

If McCain were in serious contention for the job, you would think that more serious and credible people would have been chosen. Ok, McCain did the choosing and if Sarah Palin is evidence of the quality of his powers of judgment, then McCain himself is not up to the job he's campaigning for. But then we already know that as he thought invading Iraq was a good idea....and says he still does. Whether he really thinks that or not hardly matters. His judgment is trash either way.

I withheld judgment until I had seen enough of her own words to get a feel for what she knows and who she might be in office. This week, I've seen enough to know that she isn't up to the job.

Her own words make that more than clear. Even stitched together and out of context.

...and on climate change....


  1. Even if Palin gets to be President, in a heartbeat sort of way, Hillary can still get to be first "elected" woman President next time.

  2. anon: I can see Hillary as President....after Obama's second term.

  3. I watched both clips. She has a refreshing honesty to her answers. She has yet to appreciate fully that opponents will work very hard to trip her up.
    The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions, and yet any softening on her stance on the contributing factors in climate change is seen as capitulation for electoral gain.
    She seems as though she is a good listener, and can decide on the facts what seems reasonable. Not a quality readily associated with politicians. No leader lasts very long if he can see his opponents point of view. That is viewed as weakness. It was Brash's failing, and may very well be Key's.
    No such thing for Clark or Clinton. Never wrong, never an apology.
    People may see Palin's inexperience (untaintedness) as a better thing than the "bee-line for the White House" of most.
    Her oratory with auto-cue matches Obama's with auto-cue. Obama is more experienced at being lightweight. Palin will improve, Obama will not. Palin will thrive on advice before decision making. Obama does know how much he doesn't know and will come unstuck, especially using the President's power of veto. He will be backed into a corner of expectation from his "I have a dream" speeches and will have to raise taxes when the US economy is tanking. He won't know who to trust.
    Either way, it will be fun to watch from this far away.
    NZ,on the other hand, is at a crossroads of some magnitude. Either way, there will be little to smile about for a great many.


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