Monday, September 8, 2008

"Your Views" in the Herald: Walk cycle on the Harbour Bridge

The NZ Herald online has a "your views" link most days asking for the public's views on a variety of topics. Today one of them is about the demand for a bicycle / walkway over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

The comments on these "Your views" pages - on any topic - often say more about the person making them than about the topic. Some of those who are in favour of (whatever) are outraged they don't already have it. Some of those who don't care or don't want (whatever) dismiss it as "PC madness". Hyperbole rulez KO.

But today, my favourite comment was this one:

David Thornton (Birkenhead)
Maybe the Auckland City Council could work the word 'rugby' into one of the proposed cycle lane options. There will be no cost problems then.

In a few words David Thornton sliced through the BS and said it like it is.

Well said, David.

My own view is that the lack of bicycle / pedestrian access across the bridge is a design flaw and has been from the very inception of the project in the 1950s. It needs to be rectified. I might not ride a bicycle across the bridge, but I would certainly walk it on a sunny weekend or during my holidays. As a tourist attraction it would rank highly. Whoever left the walkway off the plan made a mistake. Perhaps it could be built under the main roadway, thus providing shelter for walkers and cyclists from rain at least, if not wind.

Back to the comments. Someone describing themselves as "Genuine Kiwi" shows a disregard for the view of others that appears to be a feature of too many "Genuine" Kiwis....and GK didn't forget to mention "PC madness" either.

Genuine Kiwi (Auckland)
"I agree whole heartedly with Dave Newick, why add a walkway for a minority group, Cyclists can take their bikes on the ferry to and from the shore. The bridge is under enough stress as it is with the volume of traffic, i.e. trucks, buses, and general increase in cars, why add to it, the few cyclists and walkers won't wont to just take a portion of the already narrow lanes, they will want a protective cage and everything else that goes with it adding more weight to what is a vital link for those on the shore. I am one of the lucky ones I got to walk across the bridge the day it officially opened in 1959, yes thats right before all the PC madness hit."

"...all the PC madness". Lovely.....

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