Saturday, February 6, 2010

Installing Google Maps 3.4.0 (hacked nav) on my HTC Magic

My HTC Magic is running Cyanogen Mod v4.2.14.1 (today). I wanted to install the new Google Maps 3.4.0 hacked for navigation outside the US and supporting multi-touch.

I got the file - "maps3.4.0-brut3-MT.apk" via this thread (also includes a different version for non-rooted phones) at xda-developers. I'm seeding it on bittorrent here. They offered several options and i went for Option 3 as this best suited the configuration of my phone (CM v4.2.14.1 on HTC Magic).

To use adb you need to have the Android SDK installed on your PC. The file to be installed on the phone would have to be in [android-sdk-folder]\tools.  Then, open a linux terminal on the PC and "cd" to [android-sdk-folder]\tools, then:

The instructions were as follows, but I had problems immediately. Read on.

Instructions for option 3:
adb remount
adb shell find /system /data -name \*google\*maps.apk\* -o -name Maps.apk -delete
adb uninstall
adb install maps3.4.0-brut3-MT.apk 
The find command didn't work - presumably because it was intended for the file layout of the HTC G1, not the HTC Magic.

Instead, I did (in a  linux terminal - would be the same on Windows in a cmd prompt):

adb remount
adb shell find / -name Maps.apk

I found it in /system/app and deleted it.

I backed out to the linux command prompt and tried to again follow the instructions above:

adb remount
adb uninstall

...but it came back with "FAILURE".

So I did "adb shell" in the linux terminal again to get a command prompt on the phone and entered:

adb remount
adb shell
# find / -name *maps.*

...and got:

/system/sd/dalvik-cache/ es.dex
/data/dalvik-cache/ es.dex

I deleted these one by one (though the last two were the same - in effect).

"rm /system/framework/"


I then did:

steve@media:~/android-sdk-linux/tools$ adb install maps3.4.0-brut3-MT.apk998 KB/s (2719843 bytes in 2.659s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/maps3.4.0-brut3-MT.apk

...and it installed the hacked maps successfully.

I've just tested it and multi-touch and Navigation (outside US) works fine...though my street is still "unnamed road".

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