Tuesday, February 16, 2010

iTunes Loses the Plot...Again.

Today I synced my iPod Touch with my Windows Vista PC...as I often do. It was the first time I had used iTunes or synced since my upgrade to iTunes v9.03 a couple of days ago. I accepted the license terms and then synced. Then I downloaded an app update from the Apple Store for an app I had already bought. (Click on the pics for full size)

At this point, the Apple Store demanded I authorise the PC or it would wipe out my songs and 45 apps. I thought this was a bit sad as I have already authorised this same PC twice...and this was to be the third time.

As usual......you have no real choice. You either do it or they screw you.

I have now used 4 of my 5 authorisations.....three of them on the same PC.

I availed my self of the iTunes Feedback option on the Help menu in iTunes. I fully expect to never hear a thing from anyone at Apple...but this is what I said:


I am now at 4 authorisations out of 5 and 3 of them are for the same computer. iTunes has - twice - after an upgrade required me to re-authorise the same computer.

There are several people on this Windows PC who own iPods and use iTunes, but my account is the only one that anyone can buy anything through. It is only ever used when I login to Windows and only for my iPod Touch.

The other two users never buy anything from Apple Store because one is a child and the other my wife and they only ever use externally-sourced mp3 ripped from CDs.

I all but stopped stopped buying music from the Apple Store when iTunes suddenly decided my $150 worth of songs was no longer mine...and wiped them off the PC and the iPod. 

This PC authorisation issue is just one annoyance. The menu on your web page here stops at iTunes v9.01....and I'm v9.03. That's the kind of thing that sees my songs wiped out...and the same PC authorised three times in two years.

I don't know what I expect you to do about it. What do you think you should do?

Your questionnaire below doesn't include the main reason I use iTunes: to backup my iPod and get files on and off it as there is not other way to do it.

Most of my music is ripped from CDs we buy. Buying online comes with too many restrictions about how I use it and too strings attached.
Anyway....that's my latest Apple Atrocity. I never have these issues with Android because Android doesn't impose these kinds of restriction on your in the first place! 

Seasoned Apple Survivors are very helpful and offer advice as to how to cope with the havoc this control-freak eco-system can wreak upon a person. I'm grateful to them. It's a big help. I was dumb enough to buy an Apple product, so I should be a big boy and live with the consequences. But I don't really have to. I do have other choices.

On a gut level, software like iTunes is telling me it's all about THEM......while Android on my phone and linux on my PCs does what I want and I make damn sure it's all about me.

Because I can. No one gets in my way the way Apple can. I'd rather thrive than survive.

UPDATE 20100503: I now use the "iSyncr" app for Android to sync my music and playlists from iTunes to my Android phone.  The good part here is that if iTunes decides to wipe out my music, I've already copied it from the sync folder on the phone to a music folder, so iTunes *can't* delete it. Again, looks like the best way to use iTunes is avoid using it with an iPhone or iPod.


  1. I know this is a bit late but-
    That's exactly why I will never buy an ipod, and never allow itunes on my computer.
    Have you tried Winamp? Free, and can access ipods. Not sure if it "syncs" or not. Mind you it's aonly a few mb download, as opposed to itunes 80 or 90mb.

  2. It pissed me off as well. Basically iTunes is a crap application that deserves to be binned. However it is the only application that allows me to talk to my iPhone.

    I normally run all of my workstations on linux so it is crap in so many ways because Apple have never released iTunes for linux.

    After it requested authorisation the second time on the laptops vista boot, I wised up. I now use virtual box to run the same windoze XP 'disk' on a 3 linux machines + a mac.

    The music is the same of 3 of them because it is on a network drive (I usually listen to it using DLNA anyway). On my laptop I just don't sync the music.

    Try running iTunes in a VirtualBox...

  3. Hi lprent: I handled it by syncing with my Android phone instead, using an app called "iSyncr". So if iTunes decides to delete my tunes again, it can't as they have already been copied to folder it doesn't access. I can do that on an Android phone, but not on an iPhone.


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