Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letter to the NZ Herald on Foreign Ownership

19 October 2010

Dear NZ Herald

It is being noted in many quarters that there is a clear tendency among foreign-owned media in this country, like APN, Fairfax and CanWest-Global's TV3, to dismiss concerns about economic sovereignty as racism, populism and / or xenophobia.

This pattern may ultimately prove to be self-defeating as more people come to learn your newspaper and other foreign-owned media cannot be trusted to seriously and properly address the very real concerns of New Zealanders about who controls their economic future and the resources it depends on. That may well lead to people thinking more carefully about who owns the media we rely on for information about New Zealand's interests.

That can be avoided if you and others address these very real issues from a New Zealand perspective - what's best for the people who live here - and not that of some corporate board half a world away defending its interests. So far, you're failing. Miserably.



  1. yes, agreed, private ownership, enterprise and individual capitalism has progressed a long way toward control over our lives, we are the kulaks now in our own country.

  2. If we allow our sovereignty to be gutted of any real meaning or effectiveness, then whether or not we are a democracy hardly matters...as those we elect can't control anything anyway. So...yeah.


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