Monday, September 26, 2011

Copyright, You are Dead to Me.

As of now I do not give a rat's bleeding arse about copyright. It's obviously become a scam allowing corporations to steal from all of us. It's not for me or anyone like me.

I just tried to upload a video I made that was made up of bits of video shot at the Auckland Lantern Festival in February. Amid the thousand people talking in the background someone, somewhere was singing some very bad karaoke.

My camera's mic picked it up for a few seconds (30?) and braindead YouTube laid a copyright infringement claim against my video before it had even finished uploading. 
Fair Use is being trampled completely. These corporations are stealing from us all with impunity. 

I now officially do not give a flying monkey's toss about copyright. These corporations clearly do not care about my rights.

Let's call that even. 
It's over. 

Copyright, you are dead to me. 

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  1. Steve,I read your post.I am desperately trying to find a real telephone # and real person to speak to at netflicks.they have charged my credit card numerous times without my permission! Needless to say,I am not a happy camper


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