Thursday, July 19, 2012

Phillip Morris, have a little shame....

Cigarette makers, Phillip Morris, are apparently mounting a campaign to defend smoking. They've set up a web site where smokers can share their problems. They've called it "My Opinion Counts".

This is a corporation that makes and sells a product that kills people who buy it if they use it as intended. It is only legal because it is an addiction that used to afflict a huge proportion of society and banning it would have created more problems than any ban would have solved. Instead, the policy has been to educate people as to why smoking is a stupid waste of good money from almost every angle one can think of.

The web site has a contact link where you can give Phillip Morris feedback.

Here is my feedback:

Have a little shame. 

You promote and sell a product that makes people ill. It kills them. 

My father is dying of lung and liver cancer right now. Your "campaign" to defend smoking makes me more than a little sick. 

Not to mention standing next to smokers at bus stops is gag-inducing.....especially on wet days. They simply stink. 

It's their choice to smoke despite the obvious hazards and the fact it makes them ugly and old faster....and dirty in seconds. It isn't against the law to be stupid. 

But I have NO choice about the way they pollute my environment as though they have a right to stink under my nose....and leave their tar smell on everything they touch. Never mind the butts all over the road. I walk 10kms to work each day and there would be barely a metre of gutter that didn't have discarded cigarette butts in it. 

Gross filthy habit....and the people who engage in it these days think the world is their ash tray. 

....and you want "defend" this.    

I'll be writing MPs to communicate my feelings on this matter.