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Monday, August 2, 2010

Jailbreaking my iPod Touch running iOS4

Google Fodder: Tonight I tried to jailbreak my iPod Touch which has been running stock iOS4 for a few weeks now. I was disappointed by iOS4 as the only visible thing it brings to an iPod Touch is folders. No multi-tasking. No wallpapers. No ability to customise anything. I was better off on v3.1.2 jailbroken.

So time to do the nasty to iOS4. Steve Jobs, I need more.

I tried the web-based jailbreak several times and it failed repeatedly, stuck on the purple background and displaying no error messages.

The only way I know it failed was a message saying the installer had crashed and I should try again. To see that message I had to power off the iPod Touch off and power it back on, then go into Safari and reload the page.

As it is a web-based solution, I thought it may be something wrong in Safari's settings. So I tried a few things and they didn't work until I did it this way. The pop-up setting may be irrelevant, but the rest seemed to make the difference,as well as powering off and back on BEFORE attempting to jailbreak again.

  1. Go into Settings -> Safari
  2. Under Accept Cookies set it to "Always"
  3. I set Block Pop-ups to OFF
  4. I cleared History, Cache and Cookies.
  5. Press Home and then power the iPod Touch off. 
  6. Power it back on and go into Safari
  7. Go to and "Slide to Jailbreak"

At the point, a "Downloading" window came up and the jailbreak process began and completed successfully. Now I'm working on what I need to download and install to get multi-tasking going and allow me to customise the look of this ugly thing.  I've grown used to Android's built-in ability to customise the user interface or replace it it's just another app.